Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Tutorial for Even Count Peyote Rope.


One of my fellow Beaders had a problem understanding the terms & how the whole peyote stitch rope came together. So I thought I would help her out by making step by step photo illustrations for her.

Now I am sharing them with you :D
So Let' Begin....
We need to gather up some supplies:-
1. Seed Beads =
I used size 6 in two colors for this tute and I reconmend that you do as well unless you a bit more experience or even E-beads. They are far bigger and easier to use for learning any new beading stitch.
2. A good bead thread=
what you use is your preference, there are for too many out there to mention, so whatever you are comfortable with.
3. Snips of course :) & lastly lots of paitence.

Round One =
pick up four beads
and go through
them twice, you
tie a surgeons
knot to secure.

Round Two =

As you do in a basic
peyote stitch add
4 beads.

Round Three =

getting tricky here lol,
ok add another four beads peyote wise, but add the last bead and then push your needle through the last bead in R 2 & the first bead in R 3.

This is called "stepping up" ,
phew ....

Now Pull up the thread tight, you may have to give it a bit of a wiggle and it should form the base of your peyote rope.

Now off you go ... change the color of your beads for each round as you go up....
BUT don't forget your

Continue on until you have reached your desired length and then you can tie off using a surgeons knot.

try using smaller beads and if your comfortable enough add more beads but remember by two beads only.
That is bead sizes = ebead, 6, 8 you can go from "4 beads" per round up to 6 and 8 beads per round, actually whatever you desire remember you can only increase by 2 beads. With size 11 & 15's try more :D.
I have wee samples of Practice pieces for each stitch variance and bead size, just so I can at a glance see what I did for future reference.
Now finally, this even count peyote rope lends itself to many many styles and variences and is the most wonderful "base" rope to embelish like crazy, and even try using different types of beads & sizes.....and the list goes on....


SuzyQ said...

That's a very cool way to start and end a peyote rope! Thanks!

Carol DeCosta said...

Awesome and thank you for spending the time to do this!!!