Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Tutorial for Even Count Peyote Rope.


One of my fellow Beaders had a problem understanding the terms & how the whole peyote stitch rope came together. So I thought I would help her out by making step by step photo illustrations for her.

Now I am sharing them with you :D
So Let' Begin....
We need to gather up some supplies:-
1. Seed Beads =
I used size 6 in two colors for this tute and I reconmend that you do as well unless you a bit more experience or even E-beads. They are far bigger and easier to use for learning any new beading stitch.
2. A good bead thread=
what you use is your preference, there are for too many out there to mention, so whatever you are comfortable with.
3. Snips of course :) & lastly lots of paitence.

Round One =
pick up four beads
and go through
them twice, you
tie a surgeons
knot to secure.

Round Two =

As you do in a basic
peyote stitch add
4 beads.

Round Three =

getting tricky here lol,
ok add another four beads peyote wise, but add the last bead and then push your needle through the last bead in R 2 & the first bead in R 3.

This is called "stepping up" ,
phew ....

Now Pull up the thread tight, you may have to give it a bit of a wiggle and it should form the base of your peyote rope.

Now off you go ... change the color of your beads for each round as you go up....
BUT don't forget your

Continue on until you have reached your desired length and then you can tie off using a surgeons knot.

try using smaller beads and if your comfortable enough add more beads but remember by two beads only.
That is bead sizes = ebead, 6, 8 you can go from "4 beads" per round up to 6 and 8 beads per round, actually whatever you desire remember you can only increase by 2 beads. With size 11 & 15's try more :D.
I have wee samples of Practice pieces for each stitch variance and bead size, just so I can at a glance see what I did for future reference.
Now finally, this even count peyote rope lends itself to many many styles and variences and is the most wonderful "base" rope to embelish like crazy, and even try using different types of beads & sizes.....and the list goes on....

Sunday, October 3, 2010

Thinking PINK

This month as we all know is Breast Cancer Awareness Month,
so to show my support I will be donating 20% of my sales, only available from my facebook store

to them and dedicated the items in the album to my personal friends & family whom have gone through it personally and give them my whole hearted support.
So these lovely pair of earrings,


and this beautiful necklace set are just a couple of the items for sale.


So pop on over and have a looksie, a few more items will be uploaded in the day or so.
Many thanks Leeanne.

Sunday, September 26, 2010

Web Site Updating & FACEBOOK PAGE>

Well I finally went and did it!!!

I got my A into G and got on Facebook.

Well I'm in a forced into a sitting position for a while..

I Badly twisted my right knee... partial dislocated... tore the catillage under the knee cap ... strained and over stretched ligaments... so I have three months of recovery ahead but the next four weeks are crucial in that I have to do as little as possible..."YEAH RIGHT" this is leeanne here lmao...

But in saying that I have not got any excuses any more for not updating my web site (well when I can figure out all the tech stuff as well) & facebook but.......... the Best Of All.....



So in Celebration of my me getting off my A, so to speak was to get to work and get some serious updating done... Hell I even got my books up to date (taxman now happy) ...lol , organising bead containers, gearing up new projects, etc etc etc.

So for all you new "100" likers of my Facebook Page Beadweaver NZ, I'm going to give away these lovely Earrings.

Garnet & Gold Koru Spirals

Now these lovelies have been created using Gold Artistic Wire & Genuine Garnet Rounds, they measure approx 2-3cm wide & 6 cm long. They will be gift boxed (made by me of course), and sent via Courier Post Tracked in NZ or if your overseas International Post Tracked.


1. Leave me Your Name. & 2. Your Email addy..... so as soon as I get to 100 likers I will do a cyber draw...GOOD LUCK LADIES!!!

Beady Hugs Leeanne

Saturday, September 11, 2010

New News!!!

Yay! new news huh ;), well as you can see by the last entry its been a while.... Hmmm.
Well I have been a bit busy of late and now have some time to play catch up with everything that I have been doing.

I had taken some quilting lesson's with my mum in Paeroa and made new accessories for the house that I am quite pleased with and some new things to put up on the web site very very soon ;).
So On With The Show....

This picture is showing a cool pin cushion we made using only 15, 2 1/2 inche squares, in dark, med & light colors and a we had to put on large button in the centre ....but... as you can see.. not finished...Yet!!!
Also we learnt a Tuck'n'Pleat technique for an assortment of things, the first one we learnt how to do is in the pics below but in this picture was the second piece, a table mat or runner. I made mine into a table mat and have three more to do with a central table runner for my BBQ table just in time for some, also to match the table setting lol.
In this picture, is the first of the Tuck'n'Pleat blocks we learn't to do, but me being me... Just had to embelish it with beads and decorative machine stitching :).

Another cushion I have made from Taffeta Scraps and of course again decorated with beads.

Then below......this cushion has taken me a fair we while to do, it is all bead embroidered with lovely pearlised sz # 4 & # 8 czech beads with tiny sz #15 rocailes and the roses have been done with sz # 11 delicas. I got the idea from my mum, she was sitting doing some (lots of french knots) ie candlewicking for a quilt she is doing ....And I thought to myself cooooool.... But what if you used beads instead ;) This is the result and will definitley doing some more!!!.

Then this set of cushions is just playing about with "Kiwiana" designs and the spirals etc have been machine apliqued on, rather liking the colorway.

Then after all that sewing... as I do, I got a bit bored with all that sewing and decided to do some beading....YAY!!! Below is a picture of a russian spiral bracelet with a slight variation. More on that later, I will make a "Free Tutorial" for it and then post up here for you all. The necklace and earring set I made to go with the bracelet to match, using antique Czech Fire Polished beads and antique gold findings. Rather pleased with the results ;).
Finally!!! I have been making these great dog bandana's, in an earlier post I showed some pics of some but since then I have revised the design and now have had to make a label for them because they had become quite popular with dog owners. I have called it "Posh Petz Nz" and seems to be going down rather well with customers and groomers in the like. So many more to come ( demand is getting bigger by the week !). They love all the differing fashion fabrics & Rhinestones I have put on them and the handpainted decals and named ones especially.

Now but for no other reason but just to show you my wee work space, jsut perfect for me and I now have a dedicated storage space for all fabrics and haby items downstairs but my beading stuff stays up here with me !!!

And last but not least my "Shadow" and my baby sound alseep in the "middle of the floor" as always never far fom his mum :). FINN

Thursday, February 18, 2010

Crash Bang Wollop!!!

well thats whats its been like, especially for the few days anyhow. I did crash my web site DUH!!! hit the wrong button and poof!!! GONE
But I am back now ( bugger they say lol) and have updating with Jenz Designz and my own Teddybears.
I have still alot to put back up but I will get there in the end...
Still busy with these bandana's and other doggy bits, dont ya just hate glue guns!!!
I'm off now to have a break and play my new game Jewel Quest 3, I just love puzzle games, find them to be quite relaxing but I never keep them for long, I clock them to quick, although this one is gooooood.
see ya until next time, beady hugs to all. Leeanne

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Finally catch up!!!

I have been so busy of late..... but at last time to play catch up with you all :)

I recently purchased an industrial straight sewer... I'm back in love with sewing!!! As if I wasnt already lol...( overlocker & major home sewer already) So away I went into the abyss called my work room!

So a teeny tiny request from my groomer Anne ( Dog Workx) for my wee baby boy "Finn" (a Shichon = bichon x shitzu).... to make up some lil doggy hair ties, ribbons & bows for her to sell at dog show's and on her mobile dog van.
She offered me her sewer machine and I jumped at the chance lol... but also told her about a cute bandana design I had made that is not "tied" or bulky but just slips over the collar?
Heres the boy version and below the girly one, & there are many more designs I have made...pant pant....They look so darn good and passers by always comment on them :) ( big head)...

I Had a few days of playing with different designs etc and I am finally happy with it ( for now) and make it in different sizes & many styles and 100% cotton, machine washable, they dont bother the dogs at all and you can damp/or refrigerate them to get them cool :). I will be putting a few up on Trademe to see how they go?

....And while doing all of that I have been reorganising all my haby stuff, fabric etc etc, etc to boot....phew!!! It took many days.....

Then normal work days at work (Tab), kids off to school (praise be to the universe for that!), hubbys business, and finally my own jewellery, teddy bears, hand bags and now doggy stuff? Not a real fan of dressing up animals really, but bandanas are about my lot, my two boys have one each and thats it!!!

I got to finish a peice of jewellery for One's Self!

I brought an Opal Rock from the Thames market, and had to make something with it "just for me!" I based it on a design of necklace that was given to me by a another of my beady friends (pallina's designs)

And finally my lovely wee Angel Pin from a Bead Swap I participate in regulary...

which helps keeps the creativity flowing :)
Anyhow thats me for now ....hopefully it wont so long between posts !

Thursday, November 26, 2009

"THE TEASE" Part One

I have been playing with an idea.....

I have found a design in a magazine ( that I subscribe to ) that I would put up in parts, show how the bead weaving process can work.

I often get asked "how did you do that?" so.... I thought I would pick out something that has been created by another designer and post each stage to show how it all works. I will take a picture of each part, & post it when each part is finished, yeah mean aren't I.

Why didn't I use one my designs? you ask, well...

I'm a spur of the moment kinda gal and the thought of having to stop! argh! at each stage was far too confounding!!! (one day lol). I also thought it far far easier to show another designers work, who has laboured for hours to publish their work and then give them the very well deserved praise for their effort.

I will link to several sites that have really good and easy to read instructions that one could follow.

SO>>> without further ado here we go....


This is the First Part:- the piece you see is part of the main unit of the necklace, this piece has been made using the stitch called "Chevron Chain" using size 15 & size 11 miyuki seed beads in Hermatite & Silver, it also has been finsihed off with 2 silver glass pearls, a light gold czech round bead and a large black czech glass bead.

Here's the link to great instruction's of how to do the "Chevron Chain".


So give it try and see how you go. if you have any questions just send me a note.